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Coaching Lessons For Remote Learning
When we speak about listening with curiosity, we’re talking about conveying a genuine interest in what others are saying. This is of particular value in the coaching dialogue..

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when you commit to learning something new, you can increase your opportunities for career advancement.

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We're leader in the industry. consists of a team of elite educators and study skill instructors who specialize in one-on-one tutorials.

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Each student will be taught and mentored by a single teacher to personalise the learning experience.

#Top Courses
The expert teacher explains and teaches topics in-depth ensuring conceptual clarity.
- 2:00 Hr / Day

Tuition for All Boards & All Classes

Does your child need additional help with reading comprehension?
Do they score low on testes? Do they have a concentration issue?

1. All boards & grade 7 th to 10 th Std.
2. Clarity in basics.
3. Covered all subjects & syllabus.
4. Flexible timing.
5. Alternate days

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- 2:00 Hr (Sat - Sun)

Robotics Course for Kids

Impact your career growth and enrich your skill by opting best robotics to face real world challenges with ease solution

1. Age group 8 to 15.
2. Kit shipped to you in 24 hours.
3. Live online classes.
4. Learn concepts.
5. Develop projects.
6. Earn skill & build more.
7. Ask questions mail / what's app

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- 2:00 Hr /Day

Under & Post Graduate Classes

Our tutors were in your shoes and were able to achieve your goals - not by studying harder, but by studying smarter

1. Science, Engineering, Medical, Arts, Commerce & Management student courses.
2. End to end guidance& solutions.
3. Classes attend alternative days.
4. Study in USA, UK or other countries.
5. Focus on foreign university admission.
6. Help test preparation, visa guidance.

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- 2:00 Hr /Day

Bank Jobs Courses

Jump start your banking career by joining India's No 1* bank, post graduate diploma in sales & relationship banking + job opportunity

1. A better future in the baking sector.
2. Reasoning, quantitative aptitude, general awareness & more.
3. Students can learn their concepts.
4. Remember them long time.
5. End to end guidance& solutions.
6. Classes attend alternative days.

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- 2:00 Hr /Day

Web Designing Course

Learn how to Design & build 3000* Websites with no experience, using WordPress and the X Theme. With bonus lessons on Domains, Hosting and Google Ads for recurring income.

1. Knowledge of webdesign.
2. Learn programs like HTML, CSS, Java Script.
3. Learn to build your own website.
4. Learn to create web pages like a professional.
5. Classes attend alternative days.

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- 2:00 Hr /Day

Digital Marketing Course

A good course will help you build the skills needed to become a successful digital marketer fast and boost your career.

1. Interactive with projects, check list, actionable lecturers.
2. Learn step by step market business across major marketing channels.
3. Like WordPress, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads & more.
4. Classes attend alternative days.

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Conceptualizing Courses Easy Way

Develop Your Skills, Learn Something New, and Grow Your Skills From Anywhere in the World!

How We Work

1. Identify the Task

Encourage the tutee to initiate and identify the focus of the session

2. Breaking the Task into Parts

Provide an opportunity for the tutee to break the task into manageable pieces.

3. Setting an Agenda

Discuss with the tutted the amount of time necessary to complete each part of their task.

4. Tutee Summary of Thought Process

Have the tutted summarize the process of addressing this type of task.

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100% Guaranteed Placement Support for Job Seekers, Freshers & Working Professionals. 1st batch started from MAY 1st, 2022

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Digital Buddha Academy was started as a single-room coaching center with only 12 students.
First 5 students get an extra 30% off


700 / Mo

  • Tuition for All Boards Like 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Std.
  • Robotics Online Class
  • Speed Math by Vedic Method
  • Spoken English Class

Coaching Classes

1600 / Mo

  • Under Graduate - SAT
  • Post Graduate - GRE, GMAT
  • Management Studies - IELTS, TOEFL
  • Bank Jobs - IBPS, SBI, IDBI, RBI, SSC, RRB
  • Students can continue the classes till get selected

Web Design & Digital Marketing Course

2300 / Mo

  • Web Development, Learn HTML, CSS, Java Script, Learn UI/UX design, Responsive Desing, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Digital Marketing - (Market Research, WordPress, Email Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, YouTube Marketing, Social Media Marketing, App Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics

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We Solve Real Problems

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Qualified and Experienced Tutors

Our highly skilled and experienced tutors have rich online teaching experience and are selected through a rigorous selection process. They hold top qualifications, stay up to date with all curriculum syllabi year by year to guide students 24/7 for more than 50+ subjects including Math, Science, English, Test prep, Language training etc.

Live Interactive Online Classes

UpSkillon LMS comes complete with dozens of academic courses for all levels, and enables students to study in a secure web environment, ensures maximum student participation with the use of whiteboards, text chats, audio and video chats, file sharing, etc. That surpases the benefits of traditional coaching.

Detailed Performance Reports

Our well-defined evaluation process provides feedback and performance reports for parents and students to keep a tab on learning improvements and achievements. A parent can regularly monitor and periodically review their child's growth through the syllabus plan and reports available online.

Virtual Personalized Learning

Our built-in E-Learning Platform functions practically the same way as a traditional physical classroom but more personal and effective. Unlike classrooms with many students, here the teacher's full attention and time are spent on one student.

Adaptive Learning

Upskillon provides an interactive way of learning through face to face interactions in a blended online learning environment. Students experience a customized pace and depth for their sessions in a progressive manner and flexible to their needs. All learners can share their ideas and clear the doubts in live tuition classes through face to face learning option.

Recorded Lessons

Learn anywhere anytime, video recording available to review or revise the learned lessons during live tuition classes. All the sessions are recorded, and students can revisit their recordings anytime for additional support during their studies or reference it for the exams. Our technology enables the session to play seamlessly on lower bandwidth and any device.

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Established in March of 2005,  Digital Buddha Academy brings you academic coaching for classes of IX and X.
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